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Before confirming your booking, please make sure that you read & understood the Booking Terms & Conditions below


“We”“us”“our” and “Christian Pilgrimage” means “Christian Pilgrimage Holding Pty Ltd” as trustee for the “Christian Pilgrimage Trust” trading as “Christian Pilgrimage”

“You” or “your” or “pilgrim” or “passenger” means all persons named in a booking to join a pilgrimage (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date

“Force Majeure Event” means an event or events beyond our control and which we could not have reasonably prevented, and includes but is not limited to: (a) natural disasters / acts of God, natural catastrophes, (including not limited to flooding, fire, earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption), adverse weather conditions (including hurricane or cyclone), high or low water levels; (b) riot, war, armed conflict, terrorist activity or the threat of such acts, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, outbreaks of infectious disease or any other public health crisis, civil commotion, breakdown of communication facilities, industrial dispute; (c) any new or change in law, order, decree, rule or regulation of any government authority acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, national strikes, fire, explosion, generalised lack of availability of raw materials or energy (including travel advisories and restrictions).

“Itinerary” – means the itinerary for your pilgrimage issued by us, subject to amendments made by us from time to time in accordance with the contract.

“Pilgrimage” – can mean any itinerary or travel arrangement booked by Christian Pilgrimage.

“Personal information” – means information about you and any other person for whom you make a booking, including your name, date of birth, address, phone, email, emergency contact details, health, medical needs, visa details, dietary requirements, disability or other special requirements.


A booking request is accepted when we issue a written booking confirmation and you have paid the non-refundable deposit as stated on the received invoice. It is at this point that a contract between us and you comes into existence subject to these Booking Conditions. We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion. No employee of ours other than a director has the authority to vary or omit any of these Booking Conditions or to promise any discount, refund or credit.

All New booking must be accompanied by (a) a completed booking form and (b) a scanned copy or photo of the “details page” of a current valid passport as per “PASSPORTS, VISAS” paragraph These Booking Conditions set out the terms on which you contract with us for the arrangement and delivery of travel arrangements for your pilgrimage. By making a booking with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Booking Conditions. We reserve the right to change these Booking Conditions at any time prior to you making a booking request. Christian Pilgrimage reserves the right to update or amend these Terms at any time prior to you making a booking. An up-to-date copy of these Terms is accessible on our website – The Terms as listed online at the time of completing a booking are those that will apply to that booking. Last update 02.12.2022


For pilgrims wishing to extend their journey either before or after their pilgrimage, Christian Pilgrimage may be able to arrange all your travel requirements – including additional flights, accommodation, tours, etc. Christian Pilgrimage representative will advise if additional services can be booked and quote a price. These additional travel requirements will be subject to the terms and conditions of the principal supplier of them. . These arrangements may require additional non-refundable deposits to be paid and alternative cancellation fees may apply. Christian Pilgrimage acts as an agent with respect to any additional travel arrangements, and will not be responsible for any costs of any other travel arrangements affected by the cancellation or the rescheduling of its pilgrimage departures.


The services we provide to you are limited to (a) the arrangement and coordination of the travel arrangements forming a pilgrimage; and (b) the delivery of travel arrangements which we directly control. This includes (often significant) work undertaken prior to travel to arrange and coordinate the delivery of your travel arrangements.

In some instances, as an extra convenience, one or more of our representatives may accompany a pilgrimage. You acknowledge that our representatives (a) act as facilitators and not tour guides nor spiritual group leaders; (b) they are considered an overlay to the operation of the pilgrimage and do not directly affect the overall operation of the itinerary; (c) if the representative was unable to join or continue the pilgrimage (including but not limited to illness, injury, change of circumstance, or being denied entry by a government at one of the destinations) our land operators and tour guides will continue with the pilgrimage as scheduled; and (d) you will have no recourse or claim for compensation in this circumstance.


Prices stated are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and are current at the time of publication. The most up to date pricing is available on our website. The price includes accommodation, transportation and other inclusions as per the published itinerary.

International and domestic airfares and airport/hotel transfers are not included unless specifically stated. Costs associated with passports, visas, vaccinations, insurance, meals (other than those stipulated), emergency evacuation costs, gratuities, and all items of a personal nature are not included.


We reserve the right to surcharge the cost of your booked travel arrangements prior to commencement for circumstances beyond our control such as currency devaluation, fuel or air fare surcharges, airline schedule changes, minimum passengers requirements or the imposition of new or amended Government charges.


When a progress payment is noted on your invoice you will be required to pay this by the stated due date. Part of the progress payment may be used to cover your airfares (where applicable), taxes and fuel surcharges. Progress payments amounts and dates will be advised.


Christian Pilgrimage is not responsible for any schedule changes imposed by airlines. Whilst we will do our best to reschedule your touring and accommodation, Christian Pilgrimage is not responsible for any additional costs or services missed as a result of an airline-imposed schedule change. Any changes you wish to make to your flight booking(s) after the ticket (s) have been issued, may incur fees.


Payment in full must be received by the date(s) reflected on your invoice OR no less than 90 days before commencement of your trip whichever date comes first.

We are under no obligation to remind you of a payment becoming due. If we fail to receive a payment from you by the due date for payment in clear funds, then this will be deemed a cancellation by you (see below). Note: some trips may require payment (including full payment) earlier or in additional instalments and this will be advised with the booking confirmation.

For late bookings (bookings within 28 days of departure), full payment is required at the time of request. You acknowledge that we may not be able to confirm services, in which case we will provide you with a refund.


New or changed quarantine requirements

If after we confirm your booking: (a) new or changed quarantine requirements are in imposed by government authorities either in a destination you are due to visit or in your home State or county and these remain in effect 60 days before commencement of travel arrangements booked with us; and (b) these new or changed quarantine requirements make it reasonably impractical for you to travel; then (c) you may give us written notice to cancel your trip not less than 45 days prior to commencement of the first arrangement.

If you cancel travel arrangements in these circumstances, then we will refund payments made by you less: (a) unrecoverable third party costs and other expenses incurred by us in relation to your travel arrangements; (b) overhead charges incurred by us relative to the price of your travel arrangements; and (c) fair compensation for work undertaken by us in relation to your travel arrangements until the time of cancellation and in connection with the processing of any refund.

Other Cancellations

If you wish to cancel your trip for any reason, we require written notice and will make refunds to you less cancellation fees in accordance with the table below, calculated from the date which we receive written notice:

  • Over 90 days before commencement: Loss of full deposits paid, plus any cancellation fees imposed by our Suppliers or airlines.
  • 90 days to 60 days before commencement: 50% of the pilgrimage value
  • Within 59 days or no show 100% of the pilgrimage value
General cancellation terms

You agree that the deductions and cancellation charges specified above are reasonable, represent a genuine pre-estimate of our loss and are required to protect our legitimate business interests. For group departures, a transfer of a confirmed booking to another departure date at your request is deemed to be cancellation of the original booking.

Cancellation fees and charges will not exceed payments received by us at the time of cancellation. If after the application of these fees and charges there is a surplus of payments you have made to us, we will refund this to you within a reasonable time. You agree that these cancellation fees and charges are reasonable and required to protect our legitimate business interests.


If due to any illness, suspected illness or failure to satisfy any required tests (such as a PCR or rapid antigen test in relation to Covid-19) or country specific vaccination requirements:

  • an airline or other common carrier refuses you carriage
  • a hotel or vessel refuses to accommodate you; or
  • we or our suppliers (acting reasonably) exclude you from the trip and you are consequently prevented from commencing or continuing your trip, then:
  • if you have already commenced your trip, we will provide you with reasonable assistance to arrange alternative travel arrangements or to continue the trip, this will be at your cost.
  • if you have not commenced your trip then we regret we will not be in a position to provide such assistance.

We will not be liable to refund the cost of your trip (or any part of it) because we would have already paid (or committed to pay) suppliers and we would have already performed significant work preparing for the delivery of your trip and servicing your booking.

We will not be responsible for any other loss or loss you incur in connection with your booking (for example, airfares and visa expenses) if you are prevented from commencing or continuing your trip in these circumstances


Force Majeure – Prior to travel

If in our reasonable opinion we (either directly or through our employees, contractors, suppliers or agents) consider that your travel arrangements cannot safely or lawfully proceed due to a Force Majeure Event then we at our discretion may elect to (a) reschedule your travel arrangements (in whole or in part); and/or (b) cancel your travel arrangements (in whole or in part), in which case our contract with you will terminate (in whole or in part).

If we cancel any of your travel arrangements, neither of us will have any claim for damages against the other for the cancelled arrangements. However, we will refund payments attributable to the cancelled travel arrangements less: (a) unrecoverable third party costs and other expenses incurred by us for the cancelled travel arrangements; (b) overhead charges incurred by us relative to the price of the cancelled travel arrangements; and (c) fair compensation for work undertaken by us in relation to the cancelled travel arrangements until the time of cancellation and in connection with the processing of any refund.

Force Majeure – During travel

If due to Force Majeure we cancel travel arrangements after your trip has commenced, we will provide you with a refund of recoverable third party costs for cancelled travel arrangements only.

Force Majeure – General

If we provide you with any alternative services or assistance where travel arrangements are cancelled reduced by the value of these services and assistance.

You acknowledge that the terms in this section are reasonably necessary to protect our legitimate business interests. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance that adequately responds to cancellation and rescheduling risks associated with Force Majeure events.

Oher Cancellations

If we cancel your travel arrangements for reasons other than Force Majeure, you will be offered (at your election) a refund of all funds paid, or the offer of a trip substantially equal quality if appropriate. We will not be responsible to you for any other expenses or loss you incur if your travel arrangements are rescheduled or cancelled whether or not due to Force Majeure. For group departures, a transfer of a confirmed booking to another departure date is deemed to be cancellation of the original booking.


We will endeavour to accommodate amendments and additional requests. You acknowledge that these may not be possible to fulfil, and for group departures a transfer of a booking to a different departure is deemed a cancellation. An amendment fee of $250.00 per booking will be levied to cover communication and administration costs for any changes to bookings. You will also be required to pay any additional costs charged by suppliers.


Prior to travel

Occasionally, we may need to make amendments or modifications to the itinerary and its inclusions and you acknowledge our right to do this. If we become aware of a significant change to your itinerary or its inclusions prior to the commencement of your trip (where the trip can still proceed), then we will notify you within a reasonable time.

During travel

You acknowledge that the itinerary, modes of transport, accommodation and/or the trip’s inclusions may need to change during your trip due to local circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including road conditions, poor weather, changes in transport schedules, and/or vehicle breakdowns. You agree that we have the right to pass on any costs we incur for alternative arrangements we put in place for your benefit in these circumstances.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any omissions or modifications to the itinerary or the inclusions due to Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond or control happening after we have accepted your booking. This includes any loss of enjoyment or distress caused by omissions or modifications.

If you are entitled to any compensation for any modifications or omissions, then you agree it will be reduced by the value of any alternative services we provide which you accept. We will not be responsible to you for any other expenses or loss you incur resulting from any amendment or change to the itinerary or its inclusions.

Christian Pilgrimage is not liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy in its brochures/websites content, photos, whether occurring at, or after, the time of publishing in regard to price or any other detail or booking condition. Client/s agrees and understands that Christian Pilgrimage (or its agent’s) obligation is to amend such error or oversight by prompt action/correction (if possible) or refund based on actual cost of itinerary services/sectors affected. Client/s understands and agrees to such limitation of the claim.


No refunds will be made for of any travel arrangements not utilised, whether by choice or because of late arrival or early departure. This includes the failure of transport to operate according to schedule, which we disclaim responsibility for.

If you are not fully and validly vaccinated against Covid-19 in the destination(s) where services are to be provided, and particular suppliers refuse to provide you with travel arrangements, then you agree you will not be entitled to any refund for those arrangements. We will not be responsible to you for any loss or expenses you incur (including loss of enjoyment or the costs of alternative arrangements) if you are denied services in these circumstances.


For security reasons, airlines and our overseas suppliers require names to be given exactly as stated in your passport. If you do not advise the correct information and we have to re-issue airline tickets or other documentation, then you will be responsible for any fees charged (such as airline cancellation charges or re-issue fees) in addition to our own reasonable administration fees.


It is a condition of your booking that you are adequately insured for the duration of your trip. We recommend comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellation, medical requirements, luggage, repatriations and additional expenses. The choice of insurer is yours. We strongly suggest you purchase insurance at the time you pay your deposit and that your travel insurance policy includes comprehensive cancellation coverage.

This is because cancellation fees and charges are payable from that time. We can quote appropriate insurer and may receive commission. We cannot be held responsible for your failure to obtain an appropriate insurance cover and we recommend you purchase your insurance at or soon after booking your pilgrimage. We make no representations or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claim. You agree not to hold Christian Pilgrimage responsible for any decision made by insurers.


We reserve the right to substitute hotels, vessels and other forms of accommodation with properties or vessels of a comparable or higher standard.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required documents, including passports and visas, before travelling to a destination. We recommend that you visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) websites at and for information relating to safety alert levels of your intended travel destination.

It is your responsibility to check with the respective Embassy or Consulate of each country that you are travelling to as many destinations require visas for both Australian and non-Australian passport holders. We recommend that you log on to . It is your responsibility to ensure that you have at least six (6) months validity on your passport from the date you return from your departure.


In some countries, it may be mandatory for you to be fully and validly vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It is your responsibility to obtain vaccinations and preventative medicines as may be required for the duration of the trip. Any information provided by us is given in good faith.

If you fail to provide evidence of vaccination by the time required, then you acknowledge and agree that this will be deemed a cancellation by yourself. Please refer to the “Cancellation by You” section above.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a suitable level of health and fitness to undertake the trip of your choice.

If you suffer from a medical condition which may reasonably be expected to increase your risk of needing medical attention, or which may affect the normal conduct of the trip, then you must advise us at the time you make your booking request.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if any changed or non-disclosed medical conditions mean that you will require special assistance which we cannot reasonably provide.

Our pilgrimages are designed for independently minded pilgrims with good levels of mobility ,including the ability to walk for a minimum of two to three hours on uneven surfaces without the use of any walking aid, on any given day ,walk up multiple flights of stairs and short, steep hills, stand for a minimum of 20 minutes without needing to sit down, often in hot/humid climates, get on and off various modes of transport including small boats without assistance.

Single pilgrims 80 years of age and over must have a travelling companion. Neither our pilgrimage leader nor the spiritual leader nor your fellow pilgrims are equipped to act as a carer or assistant, nor do we employ medical staff or medically trained personnel on any pilgrimage.

Pilgrims must inform us and the service provider of any medical conditions which may affect your ability to participate in the pilgrimage.

At our discretion we, including the service provider, can exclude you from a pilgrimage or any activity if we consider that you are unable to safely participate in that pilgrimage or activity or if we consider your participation may place the safety of other pilgrims at risk.

We will not be liable for any damage, injury, death or loss of any kind arising from your failure to fully disclose relevant medical information or resulting from any pre-existing medical condition.


Special dietary requests are required to be notified to us at the time of booking. Although we will use reasonable endeavours to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee requests will be met by suppliers. It is your responsibility to check that meals and beverages do not contain any allergens. We expressly disclaim any liability for meals or beverages that contain allergens.

Any other special request such as airline seating made at the time of booking are on a request basis only. Christian Pilgrimage will do all possible to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee these can be met in all instances. Additional costs may apply to confirm such requests and are the responsibility of the Pilgrim.


Room Share

We offer a matching service for solo travelers who are willing to share twin accommodation, saving on single supplements. Only travelers of the (same gender) will be matched. You accept & agree that while every effort will be made to match suitability of the passengers including but not limited to age and gender, there are no guarantees that a match will be possible and we do not warrant or guarantee the suitability or characteristics of any persons we matchPlease do not request a room-match if you snore.

Please note that a person we match you with is not responsible to provide any assistance to you. If we are unable to find a match, single supplements will apply. If, at the time of final the payment, a share room is not available, then a single room supplement will have to be paid.

Single Room

If, by choice or circumstance, a single room is required, then a single room supplement will apply. If for whatever reason your single room is not available at the time of final payment, and you elect not to accept the single room surcharge, then you will be offered a refund for the applicable dates minus any deductions as set by the terms and conditions.

If a pilgrim cancels and there is a room change caused by this cancellation (such as a Twin/Double to Single), charges for the new room type will be the responsibility of the remaining pilgrim.


If you wish your children to accompany you on, particularly those under 15 years of age, we recommend that you consider a private tailor designed pilgrimage, please ask us to design a pilgrimage to suit your particular circumstances. Children 15 and over may join a pilgrimage depending upon their interest and full comprehension that it is a spiritual and cultural pilgrimage, please ask us for more details. Please check.


When joining a group pilgrimage, you undertake to conduct yourself in a manner conducive to good group dynamics. If you act in a manner that threatens or disrupts the safety or enjoyment of others on the tour, the tour leader may, acting reasonably, require that you leave the tour. You will not be entitled to any refund for unused services and you will be responsible for any additional costs you incur.


Our Pilgrimages are based on a minimum number of pilgrims. If a Pilgrimage fails to satisfy minimum numbers, the trip may be cancelled and we will notify you of the cancellation at least 120 days prior to the trip’s scheduled commencement. If the trip is cancelled, we will at your election refund you all payments made or credit payments towards alternative arrangements. We will not be responsible for any other travel arrangements affected by, or any additional costs incurred, as a result of cancellation.


When on a pilgrimage, we may take photographs or make recordings of you and your activities that identify you. We reserve the right to use any images and/or recordings for promotional and marketing purposes. You consent to this use and acknowledge you will not be entitled to any payment or other compensation.


We are not responsible for any additional activities or excursions which are not included in the booked itinerary or which we sell as agent for the principal operator. Any advice or recommendation made by a guide or local representative does not make us responsible.


You acknowledge that travel involves personal risks which may be greater than those present in your everyday life. This could be as a result of the adventurous nature of your trip or the visiting of destinations which present geographical, political or cultural risks and dangers. You should consult guidance issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) applicable to the destinations within your itinerary. You acknowledge that your choice to travel is made having had the benefit of DFAT guidance, and you accept any additional personal risks associated with your travel. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim any liability for these risks.


You are fully aware of the current COVID-19 pandemic and current travel warnings, information, restrictions and rules. And, you acknowledge and understand that participation in services that “Christian Pilgrimage” will be arranging or delivering – including the Traveller’s travel arrangements (“Travel”) – may put the Traveller at inherent risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

A separate COVID-19 waiver of liability form must be submitted four weeks prior to travel:  


Services supplied by independent suppliers

Where a third party over whom we have no direct control (Independent Supplier) is the supplier of travel arrangements that form part of your trip, you acknowledge that our obligations to you are limited to taking reasonable steps to select a reputable Independent Supplier and arranging for them to provide those travel arrangements to you. Independent Suppliers over whom we have no direct control include but are not limited to airlines, railway and cruise operators, hoteliers, independent transport companies (i.e., vehicles not operated by us) and common carriers.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or delay attributable to the actions or omissions of an Independent Supplier. Any claims you have in this regard must be made against the Independent Supplier. You acknowledge that the Independent Supplier’s liability to you may be limited by their own terms and conditions.

Services we directly supply

To the extent only that we are the principal supplier to you of travel arrangements or other services which we control, then we will provide those travel arrangements and services with reasonable skill and care.

We will only be responsible for our employees in the course of their employment, and for our agents and suppliers (where we are not the supplier’s agent or where the supplier is not an Independent Supplier) if they were carrying out the work we had asked them to do.

We will not be responsible for any loss, damage, claim or expense caused by the acts or omissions of yourself, of any other third party not connected with the provision of the travel arrangements or services, or due to an event of Force Majeure.

While we endeavour to meet scheduled arrival and departure times, we cannot guarantee this. We will not be responsible for any loss or additional expenses you incur for any missed connections/services attributable to delays.

General liability limitation

You acknowledge that travel arrangements or services which comply with local laws and regulations will be deemed to have been properly performed, even if this would not be considered the case in Australia.

Australian Consumer Law and corresponding legislation in State jurisdictions in certain circumstances imply mandatory conditions and warranties into consumer contracts (“Consumer Warranties”). These Booking Conditions do not exclude or limit the application of the Consumer Warranties. Other than the Consumer Warranties, we disclaim all warranties.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you under these Booking Conditions, in tort (including negligence) or at law is limited to arranging for the travel arrangements to be resupplied or payment of the cost of having them resupplied.

Subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Australia Consumer Law, we will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing you with Booking & Advisory Services in relation to Travel Products that is due to events beyond our control, including, but not limited to Force Majeure as defined in the “Definitions” paragraph .


In the event of a problem with any aspect of your travel arrangements you must tell us or make our representative or our local supplier aware of such problems immediately. We will only consider and be responsible for claims made against us where we or our suppliers have had the opportunity to put things right on the ground. If you notify us of a problem during travel and we haven’t resolved it to your satisfaction, then you must make any claim in writing within 30 days from the end of your travel arrangements.


If you place a booking on behalf of another party, you represent and warrant us that you are duly authorised to provide the agreement and consent of the other party to be bound by these Booking Conditions. You agree that you will be responsible for any loss or damage we incur if this is not the case.


The contract between Christian Pilgrimage Trust ABN 51 421 489 396 trading as Christian Pilgrimage and you is governed by the laws of the State of Western Australia .

We are members of, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) Member No: 12626, the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) member No: 67348191, and is fully accredited under the guidelines of the Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) Accreditation No: A12281.

Any disputes shall be dealt with by a court with the appropriate jurisdiction in Western Australia If any provision of these Booking Conditions is found to be unenforceable, then to the extent possible it will be severed without affecting the remaining provisions.

Any Personal Information you provide to us will be collected, stored, used, protected and shared and in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles, and our Privacy Policy, which is published here Updated: 30.11.2022

Travel safety

For the latest government advice on travel safety and security please visit And


You warrant and acknowledge to us that:

  • You are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the power, capacity and authority to enter into a binding contract with us and the Provider;
  • You have sufficient funds to pay for travel arrangements;
  • You have read and understood these Booking Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) and if booking on behalf of third parties, you understand that their booking is subject to these Booking T&Cs;
  • the information you provide us about you and third parties is true, accurate, current and complete (apart from any optional items) as required by any registration process; You will maintain and promptly update this information to keep it true, accurate and complete;
  • You have acquired comprehensive travel insurance and we are not responsible for any failure by you to acquire adequate insurance cover;
  • You have accessed and for information specific to your intended travel destination; and
  • You will make use of the travel arrangements in accordance with these Booking T&Cs and you will not make use of them in any way to breach any laws or defame any person.

These Booking Terms & Conditions were last updated 31.01.2023